Walk all the way up the mountain and make your way down on 5 Zip lines.

Golf Outing

Spend the day golfing with the ocean breeze and nothing but green and palm trees surrounding you.

Sunset Boat Ride

A short drive to Las Hadas Marina where you will hop on a boat and view the sunset while you cruise around the water.


Sail off into the ocean and at the right location, jump in and explore the under waters of Manzanillo!

Deep Sea Fishing

Sail off into the sea and enjoy your day on the water in the Sailfish Capital of the World!

4-wheeler Tour

If you’re looking to explore places in Manzanillo all along the coast, in the mountains, and meet local animal friends, this is the attraction for you!

Mountain Biking

Ask our personal staff to schedule a mountain biking experience to explore Manzanillo in an extra adventurous way!

Boat & Jet Ski Rentals

Take a walk or short drive to our private beach and our personal staff will schedule a jet ski rental or a boat for you!

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