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Josh F.

Our stay at Casa de Sofia was a truly amazing, one of a kind, experience! The moment we arrived at the house we were greeted by such a warm welcome by the house staff it was hard not to feel at home and that set the tone for the entire week. The house staff was extremely nice and accommodating and we wanted for nothing. It’s really rare to be able to go on a vacation in another country and be able to really relax, having the full confidence that everything will be taken care of. That’s what we felt at Casa de Sofia. It also gave me the perfect opportunity to propose to my then girlfriend, now fiancée, during our stay at the house! The food was amazing, the house was incredible, and the views were breathtaking! I will definitely be coming back.
Thanks again for letting us stay at the house and being so accommodating. Nestor and the house staff were amazing through the end and we were sad to leave. I know that we would all love to come back and will be sure to stay in touch.
(This second part of the review came on day 3 of their trip)
The experience so far has been nothing short of amazing! Nestor and the staff have been very kind and helpful. The views are stunning and the house is incredible. We are having a great time!